I think tonight I will spend inking. 

Then deciding how I wish to go about coloring this. I feel like being adventurous so we will see where that leads!

So since art wasn’t going well tonight I decided to start up a new sims(I won’t say what number out of respect. They know who they are.) game. One with Queen Serenity, or as I view her, as the lead. 

Her first conscious act. Troll forums. 

Serenity pls. 



Usagi when did you learn to fly.

 she was flying right? unless my eyes were playing tricks…

It sure looked like she was flying. Unless she was just falling horizontally really slowly. 

Just flying through the air leaving a trail of sparkles doing her thing but TOTALLY FLYING. Pretty sure she flew to the top of tokyo tower as well. Otherwise how the crap did she get up there so fast.

If you’re a Sailor Moon blog…


…reblog this so I can follow you and we can fangirl together.

It was a very social night tonight. Was fun! Though now I must retire for work does wait for me in the morning.

Goodnight lovelies!

It sound sooooo muuuuuuuch like Classic SM though. It’s exactly in the same style as one of the versions of Tuxedo Mirage. I seriously think that’s what they were going for.

I had to go back and take a listen to both.

I do agree! I just never expected to hear electric guitar playing over top a moment with Usa and Mamo. 

Now I am not knockin the music piece itself, just how it was presented and knowing what it meant. 

Sometimes with Crystal it’s like it is trying so hard to hammer in a certain mood and it’s like, you don’t have to hammer it so hard. We will understand. It’s okay.

I still love the piece itself, gave me an odd feel of nostalgia I wasn’t expecting. (It had the sound of those old rock ballads, my dad used to play them all the time.)

knight-of-tuxedo shhhhhhhhhhhhh. you just shhhhhhhhhhhh

Aww I feel honored to be the first. ♥ And yes, that’s what I love about drawing. It can do the talking for me. Words leave to me to second guess myself more so I retreat to my silly one liners and gifs

You should. I made it just for you (okay and for future use but it was just for you for that moment. OH NO. I AM CHEAPENING IT I AM SORRY MY LOVE FOR YOU IS ETERNAL.)

Drawing has been my life tool in that sense. Whatever I cannot say I simply put to paper. 

YO THO, I adore your one liners and gifs. They never fail to bring a smile to my face because they are spot on my friend.

moonwhing I feel ya on the wordy thing. I never have been wordy person either. Then tumblr happened and it brought it out. MY VOICE FOUND ITSELF IN WORDS FOR THE FIRST TIME.

It’s okay though, even still, what we cannot say with words our kind says in images. 

Going through this ep again. Gotta say, I LOVE the sound design. Save for some of the music bits. Especially between Usa and Mamo, they are going for hardcore angsty romance with their music in this ep. It isn’t bad, I just find it hilarious and cannot take it seriously. I still love it, it’s just, guys you don’t have to try to hit it home so hard. 

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