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The only way I have ever grown as an artist. Not know what I am doing but trying it anyway and keep doing it till I finally learn it. 

Then break it down and turn it into something else entirely.

Never stagnate. Never settle. Keep trying and keep going. While always remembering no matter how much better someone else is, do not see it as an unobtainable goal. Look at them as something to aspire to.

Sometimes it is okay to let yourself coast a bit but when you start getting comfortable start to push yourself again.

Unless of course you are entirely happy with where you are at then by all means.

Just never let yourself stagnate. Don’t compare your work to demean your own but contrast and compare and see where you can improve.

For me my art has been an ongoing journey and I intend to keep it that way.

Also remember, do it for yourself. Remember why you started. Don’t give up. Also it is okay to ask for help, that is how one learns.

Random thought of the day, felt I’d share it.

"Yes granddaughter, I’ll get right on wiping up those SCORCH MARKS on the tile and sweeping away the CHARRED WOOD PANELS your tall friend here left behind. Might I suggest you all have Taco-La for lunch off ancient shrine property next time."


Another interpretation of the flaming vortex of flaminess around Endymion, though probably not the most popular, is that, he just had a really spicy burrito for lunch. And no amount of water can quench the burn in his throat. Damn that Volcano Sauce.

(I picture you as Grandpa Hino right there)

nabashio said:

I love your interpretations of the scene between serenity and endymion. Man It fits so well! What do you think of the scene where he is standing covered around flames with his cape fluttering? The scene bothered me the first couple of times I watched it, but then this thought of “did he cause something to happen?” came into my head. I know I could be totally off the mark, but the imagery suggests that he may have had more a hand in the moon kingdoms fall than before. Maybe.

(Answering this one like this because my ask box was not playing nice.)

Scene in question:


(gif source: )

First off. Thank you so very much for your kind words!

It nagged at me so hard so I had to break it down for myself till I felt better bout it. 

Second thing I am left wondering is. Is he standing in the Moon Kingdom or the Earth Kingdom? I want to say earth because each one has similar structures but are very different. 

The Moon:


What I presume to be Earth:

I say this because in the video it pans away from Serenity being in front of that crystal structure to this and as shown later we Endymion in front of it. So I am assuming this thing here is on Earth.


No idea of their significance at this point. No real read on that yet. Perhaps each is a standing symbol of their respective Kingdoms. 

Moving along.

I don’t see him as having more a hand in it that he already does. He is guilty of being part of the catalyst for all the strife. I don’t see him going beyond much more than that. 

What do I think it is then?

Let us assume that three pointed structure is symbolic to earth, or rather the Earth Kingdom specifically.

In the scene everything around it is on fire. Flames are everywhere and being reflected in it as well, in terms of heat and color. 

Endymion is just standing there in the center along with it. Staring into the fire and possibly at the structure in front of him. He is watching his Kingdom burn to the ground. He himself caught in the blaze and yet he makes no attempts to leave. Why.

One thing comes to mind. I think he feels he deserves to burn away with his kingdom. 


His home is burning away to ash. The home of the one he loves left in rubble and ruin. The ones he cared for on earth are probably dead and probably died in a horrible fashion. That or they are among the ones who turned against him and against his wishes went off to destroy those that dwelled on the moon. Who we can pretty well assume died and in fact in a horrible fashion.

Most of all I think it comes back to himself. He is alive while everything else has fallen and is burning and he does not feel worthy of this fact. 

Let’s dig deeper into why.


He betrayed his own people when he began his relationship with Serenity. He started putting her before anything else. He didn’t heed the laws of his own people or any of their warnings. 

He betrayed, in his mind, Serenity. I am certain somewhere along the line he promised to keep her safe no matter what happened. I am sure he promised he would keep all conflict away form her and take it upon himself because again, her life trumps his. He let her down and look at the cost.


He could have at any time broken things off with Serenity. He could have at any time let her go. Now I know this equates more back to selfishness but I do also think fear was a part of it. Serenity is the one I think he honesty first love romantically. To that extent at the very least. I imagine he thought he would never find anyone like her or anything like the love they shared again. I bet he also feared returning to life he had before. A life all about him and yet not about him at all. Surrounded by walls and people who adored him but those walls are suffocating and those people probably only care because of his standing as Prince of Earth. Aside from the few that truly did love their Prince. (I do believe the Shitennou did.) So while he may have for a time been able to let her go (as stated before.) I think beyond the fear of losing her, it was also a fear of being left to himself once again.


He may put Serenity before himself but in this he put his love for Serenity above everything. 

He was warned of the consequences. Yet he didn’t listen.

Tensions started running high between both sides and he didn’t listen.

All out war is ready to break loose and STILL he didn’t listen.

The only time it really set in for him is when it was far too late and the war between each faction was well under way.  

Serenity and the love they shared meant more to him than the well being of his own homeland and it’s people. He knew and yet…

So he stands in the fire because he feels he deserves it. I wonder if he is thinking even now of the worth of it all. Was loving Serenity and being loved by her worth all this. Despite this never being the intention and it in fact NOT being all his doing was it worth all this. 

I think that’s why he looks back. No matter how he feels now there is still that ray of light to hold onto. What he had was real and was greater than anything he had ever had before. 

So was it worth it?

He looks to the fire and would gladly be consumed by looks back from the edge. And he thinks…


(gif source: )

Yes, it was worth it just to love her and be loved by her. Though the very cost may indeed be his life it was worth it (I know it was already his kingdom but ya know…).

(Also when I say worth it, I mean in terms for himself. Not speaking for Serenity)

Serenity’s life and love trumps his own after all.

(again this is just all purely observation)


THE DEAL WAS NEVER SET! It was laid out on the table and then never closed upon SO I HOLD TO NO DEALS. Also that one was near completion as it was. It just happen to time with that ordeal. It was entirely not to spite the no getting of pizza. Not at all.

All I want is you. All there is to you, and more. 

"….Perhaps you are the mirror and I am the original. Or rather perhaps you are but the ghost of me that used to exit long ago that has simply refused to die. The me of then had much the same problem. She refused to die and so I destroyed her, all that was her and everything in between till finally she fell. Now here you stand again before me…"
(This was just done to test out MangaStudio 5 and it’s many tools)

All I want is you. All there is to you, and more. 

"….Perhaps you are the mirror and I am the original. Or rather perhaps you are but the ghost of me that used to exit long ago that has simply refused to die. The me of then had much the same problem. She refused to die and so I destroyed her, all that was her and everything in between till finally she fell. Now here you stand again before me…"

(This was just done to test out MangaStudio 5 and it’s many tools)

My thoughts were “AW YISS” and “OH NOOOOOO”, all at the same time.

It’s really quite tame. It’s also to a point no where I just want to be done with it. Shadow!Usagi I love you BUT I WANT TO BE DONE NOW OKAY. IT IS SO SIMPLE AND TAME AND TAKING FOREVER BECAUSE FUCKING HAIR AND AHHHHRRRHGGHHH.

I am moments away from being done. I don’t know why it is aggravating me so much.

Maybe because I want to work on a thousand other things but NO SHE HAS TO BE CENTER OF ATTENTION AND TAKE UP ALL MY TIME.

You know, as she does.


Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

so i made this and its all rin’s fault

watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not